Tax Advisory

As tax advisers, we work closely with you to ensure that you pay the least amount of tax within the law. Our aim is to minimize your tax bill and to maximize your tax reliefs and allowances. An integrated service is therefore the best way of ensuring that tax implications are fully considered before any financial steps are taken.

We will help you to understand the tax aspects of your actions so that you can plan ahead and run your business in a tax efficient way. Our tax department is staffed with experienced tax experts who provide effective planning and solutions to complicated domestic and international tax issues.

Tax Compliance

Providing peace of mind that your tax affairs are being dealt with correctly and in a timely manner

  • Corporation Tax Returns
  • Personal Tax Returns
  • Wealth Tax Returns
  • Certifications under tax laws
  • Tax Audit

Our Tax Team will ensure that all of your tax compliance issues are dealt with sincerely. In addition, whilst completing your return, it will also review your position to identify any tax planning opportunities.

Assessments & Appeals

The firm has excellent in-depth expertise in assessments and representation before appellate authorities howsoever complex or ticklish the issues might be. No surprise, our clients of decades hold us in highest regards when it comes to the issue of handling their tax affairs.

Survey, Search & Seizure

Mere mention of these provisions of income tax law often make the entrepreneur lose their sleep. Not when if you happen to be our client. Our advisory services with a clear focus on efficient tax structuring and planning beginning right from the stage of formation and carried through year after year, crisp compliances and regular update on these matters make you much more confident to handle any such situation with ease. Our technical knowledge synergized by our practical experience ensures professional and tactful handling of the case at every stage.

Direct Tax Advisory Services

  • Tax Planning
  • Design tax-efficient and customized remuneration packages of senior executives, executive directors
  • Tax-efficient investment advisory services
  • Tax-efficient selection of organizational constitution
  • Transaction structuring advisory.
  • Legal Opinion

International Tax Advisory

Since 1991 India has undergone a sea of change in its outlook toward foreign investment and global collaboration and has opened up a plethora of extremely attractive business propositions. The growth in the global economy and the pursuit of exploitation of overseas opportunities has led to an increase in cross border transactions for your businesses.

All cross border transactions have a tax implication. Whilst these can be relatively straightforward requiring little specialist consideration, once presence is established in a foreign jurisdiction matters become much more complex, often resulting in unforeseen tax liabilities or missed opportunities for mitigation. Specialist international tax advice is therefore essential.

With us, you get expert advice on Taxation Matters and a huge opportunity to save money with innovative & creative tax planning ideas.

Services include-

  • Advising on cross-border transactions and their tax implications
  • Advising on double taxation relief under DTAA
  • Advising on transfer pricing provisions and documents required to be maintained thereunder
  • Advising on withholding tax compliance
  • Assisting and advising on applicable relevant FEMA regulations
  • Certification under international transaction provisions
  • Advising on Foreign Direct Investment in India

Setting up Business in India

While looking at the prospect of doing business in India it would be prudent to see what options are available to a Non-Indian company to invest in India. We shall assist and advise you at all stages as per your requirements so that you lay a strong foundation of your business confidently.



The scope of GST in last two years has expanded exponentially and practically every supply has been or will soon be brought under the law. The rapid coverage of all goods and services (even some of them do not seem to classify as supply), often incoherent enactments have left the businesses and the services providers a bewildered lot.

To help DVM’s clients to be always on the right side of the law, our team has been providing the following services-

Compliances Services

  • Preparation and vetting of periodic GST returns
  • Conducting GST Audits
  • Application and sanctioning of refund under various provision of GST law.
  • Regular compliance with the tax authorities

Legal Services

  • Assisting in assessments and special audits
  • Representing the client during litigation with tax authorities including commissioner appeals and Appellant Tribunals.

Advisory Services

  • Advising on maintaining the accounts in such a way meeting the requirements of law
  • Regular updation of our clients with ever-changing provisions
  • Examining supplies rendered by clients from the GST applicability point of view
  • Legal Opinions